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We provide manpower recruitment services to help our customers, both candidates and employers to experience recruitments with a difference. Having a committed approach in the recruitment process ensures that every candidate presented is a perfect match for the role.

We have a simple yet precise recruitment process work-flow. Starting with understanding the job requirement, screening candidate’s CV, short-listing & telephonic interviews, sending short-listed candidates to the employer, negotiation and then selection

Benefits for Employers :

Get access to more, better candidates

We understand your hiring needs and help you screen the right candidates based on your requirements.

Save time

We can take away some of the hassle for you by Screening CVs, Candidate communications,including follow up, General administrative duties, Salary negotiations.

Employer Branding

We know how important employer branding is – not just when it comes to recruitment – but to a business as a whole. We represent you professionally throughout the entire process, but we also ensure that candidates get a feel for your company culture and brand as well – something which is so important these days.

Benefits for Job Seekers :


When you registers with us, your skills, previous experience, strengths and of course job preferences are noted. Therefore we can easily identify what positions would be ideally suited to you, placing you on the correct career path and on the road to success.

A more tailored job search

We work towards establishing what your ambitions are, and what sort of working environment you thrive in. From there, we are able to put you forward for roles that will help you achieve great job satisfaction.

Manageable Job Hunt

We have an organised system to help manage job seekers and clients – and it can take a huge weight from your shoulders.We send your CV to targeted clients, we organise the interviews and give you updates on the same.

Efficiency and Opportunity

We keep up to date on the latest and best job opportunities in your area of interest than by being in touch with the recruitment consultant responsible for those jobs in question. This saves your time and it also greatly increases your chances of success.


When a candidate’s name is registered with us, the possibilities are truly endless. Depending on your area, experience and qualifications, you will always be kept in mind for future suitable positions.

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