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We are a training and recruitment firm that started with the sole mission of bringing out best in the people.

We partner with our clients, minutely assess their requirements, we then develop and present a strategic approach to help them achieve their goals. At Ascend Plus we believe in sustained and continuous improvements towards betterment.


Our Story

Our Values

Our values are ingrained in our DNA, we stand by each one of them and these are what the organization is built on. These values help us navigate our actions in an ethical manner.

We will always do the right thing when taking a tough decision. We support and encourage fair practices.

We continuously strive to perform better and better, with every step we learn and improve. We want to stay atop and lead with innovation, we are open to challenge the conventional methods and consequently drive innovation.

We do not differentiate or discriminate based on gender, sexuality, religion and/or caste. We base our preferences on the capabilities and potential of an individual.

We value people, we believe in giving and helping the ones in need.

Mission & Vision

Mission: To be hyper focused on driving improvements like never before; offer solutions that lead to exponential growth in every aspect of the business.

Vision : To drive every single resource to its highest potential, towards the growth and advancement of the world